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Sarai Mateo is one of the most prestigious make up artists and fashion style coordinators in the South East. Her unique style and unparalleled eye for fashion and design has caught the eye of world-renowned prestige brands and individuals who seek her insight and vision. 

Working with Dior, Chanel, Tom Ford and Nars for over 20 years has gained Sarai a trusted reputation with brand owners and retailers. Sarai is also well known as a consultant for consumers looking for practical and essential beauty and fashion advice. 

Sarai’s passion, talent and dedication has caught the eye of celebrities, corporate executives and fashion industry elite. She possesses the ability to create an elegant, yet distinctive look that is easily recognizable. Because of her expertise Sarai has gained a strong multi-national following, as a source for inspiration, which has motivated her to develop the brand Sarai Collections. 

The beauty is in you…